Indian brocades are traditionally woven in Benares, India’s holiest city. The fabrics reflect the rich colors of the land and the patterns are uniquely Indian, such as paisleys, chakras, temple designs, leaves, etc. For fall, we have selected brocade fabrics made using gold and silver colored threads with unique patterns and colors. While brocades are traditionally woven from pure silk, these are lighter and more contemporary, made of combinations of fabrics including silk and cotton.

Some of the finest varieties of raw silk in the world are made in southern India, especially in Bangalore and Mysore, considered the silk capitals of India. Raw silk, which has a stiff hand and is slightly rough to the touch, is made by leaving the natural protective layering from the silk worm on the fibers. The resulting fabric has an lush texture and lovely organic quality to it.

Brocades and Raw Silk