Akshata was founded in 2010 by Akshata Murty with the aim of preserving India’s ancient craft traditions through the design and production of contemporary fashion. Having spent considerable time in various artisanal communities in India, Murty became convinced that the most effective way to help local artisans was to combine traditional crafts with modern design.

Akshata is based on a collaborative process that begins in India, where experts in painting, pottery, weaving, textiles, maps, and beyond lend their time and talent to the creation of exceptional fabrics and accessories. These materials are brought to New York, where a design team creates patterns and samples that highlight the beauty and uniqueness of the raw materials. The clothing and accessories are then produced at several factories in New York and New Delhi.

Akshata uses the finest quality materials, beginning with rich silks, cottons, and modal. The fabrics are embellished using the most luxurious and unique trims, beads, custom prints, patterns and embroidery on the market. All the finishing is done by hand, a process familiar to clients of the top French, Italian, and American fashion houses which frequently rely on Indian’s rich tradition of finishing garments. As a result, each piece of Akshata, whether ready-to-wear or accessories, is of exceptional quality. It is also a direct reflection of one artisan’s time, place, and story.